The Music Makes it



“What a party. Apart from dancing I don't remember much else to be honest. Great job.”

Paul Scott Thomas / One Embankment, London

From the Far East to the East End, from Croatia to Claridges, Rory’s crowd-commanding sets encompass everything from indie-dance, hip-hop, funk & Soul to old-skool house. Rory plays London haunts like Cargo and Fabric as well as regular European dates. Likewise, over the years, he’s manned the decks at exclusive parties, dropping playlists for the A-lists for everyone from James Corden to Nelson Mandela. Rory’s also handled events for Barclays, Mercedes Benz, and Chelsea FC. “It’s about seeing the party going off — my job satisfaction comes from a full dance-floor. Getting feedback as you see everyone enjoying themselves: that’s what motivates me.”

  1. Party classics
  2. Club classics
  3. Hip Hop
  4. Soul Funk
  5. Reggae